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I have three furry friends, Aowu, Aodan and Aopipi. Aowu and Aodan were adopted from shelters in NYC while I was doing my masters and Aopipi was from a breeder. 

See below for more introduction!

Aowu, 嗷呜

I am the smart and mischievous one who keeps running and meowing to keep the humans awake in the middle of a night. I think this is a way of keeping their minds sharp, especially when they have an important meeting the next morning!  I also believe I am the alpha cat in the house so I do routinely patrol my territory five times a day. Lucky for the other 4 subordinates of mine, I don't eat much.

Aodan, 嗷蛋

Hi! I am the gentle cat whose only hobbies are eating, grooming and sleeping. I have mysophobia: not only do I like to clean myself, but also to clean my brother and sister, and the humans who live with me. I steal foods, poop outside of the litter box, and pee in the car seat. However, I got away with it every time by deceiving the people with my big, soulful, brown eyes.

Aopipi, 嗷皮皮

First of all, I don't know anything! I like to stare outside of the windows for reasons I do not understand. Second, I don't have teeth even though I am over 1 year old so I swallow the entire dry food particle. I can get grumpy when people hold me for too long, or when Aowu touches me with his teeth! Also, don't think I am fat! It is all because of my fur.

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