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Hello! I am an aspiring evolutionary biologist, currently studying for my Ph.D. degree in Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology (OEB),  Harvard Universitysupervised by Dr. James Mallet. My academic interest lies at the intersection between ecology and evolution. One conundrum that always intrigues me is the definition of "species". I am also interested in understanding the biological significance of chromosomal rearrangements (e.g. chromosomal inversions). To incorporate both ecological and evolutionary perspectives into the solutions, I intend to investigate the interplays of processes from multiple organismic levels, from molecules to individuals and to populations, and of multiple time scales. I will be working with the amazing and fascinating Heliconius butterflies.
Previously, I did my undergraduate study in
University of California, San Diegowhere I was mentored by Dr. Lisa Levin for undergraduate thesis investigating methane seep ecosystems. I also did an honorary thesis with Dr. Greg Rouse using phylogenetic tools. Then I pursued my master's degree with Dr. Dustin Rubenstein in Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology (E3B)Columbia UniversityMy thesis is titled "The genomic architecture and genetic landscape of locally adapted Asian burying beetles in northern Taiwan", supervised by Dr. Molly Przeworski, Dr. Deren Eaton and Dr. Sheng-feng Shen.
I grew up in a rural town of Sichuan (Szechuan), China. I first discovered my innate interest in nature when I was in high school, learning about Darwin's work and the ensuing field of genetics. In my leisure time, I enjoy delicious foods, playing with my cats, and video games. Please see each section for more!

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